Harry Carman - Love is Love music video

I'm not gay. Im not bi. I'm not trans. I'm not straight. I'm me. I believe in equality because I believe in love. I remember talking to my mum at a young age about homosexuality and the church. I went to a Christian school, but my mum always told me to take what they said with a grain of salt, and that the biggest take away from the bible is to love everyone and treat them how you want to be treated. I remember telling her "if I fall in love with a guy, I fall in love with a guy, if I fall in love with a girl, I fall in love with a girl. Either way, I'll be in love, so what else would matter?". I still live by that. Limitations to love only cause heartache. As I wrote in my song, I refuse a god would make a love just to take it away. I understand people will have different opinions to me, I also understand they have grown up under different circumstances. I cannot hold that against them, however; I hope those same people could remove themselves from the situation for just a second. I hope they can put themselves in the shoes of someone who has to deal with this. I hope they can find compassion in their heart and silence what they've been taught to think. And that's hard! It's not easy to silence a voice in your head that has told you something is wrong your entire life, but to push that aside and let love take over, to give in to what is right, that, in my opinion, is the most compassionate thing someone can do. Isn't that what God wants of us? To be compassionate? To love?

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