The Pitch

We want to create a massive video campaign that gives power to everyday Australians.
Potentially thousands of videos.

Simple and strong.

Personal and powerful.

We want to overwhelm social media and our politicians with your voices, faces and conversations recorded by everyday Australians of everyday Australians communicating to everyday Australians.

We want to empower you to create and share short and unique messages in support of marriage equality.

Messages of love, frustration, friendship, hurt, anger, peace filmed in a completely accessible way showing people that the most powerful messages can be captured simply by iPhone & spread by social media by us.

To get this campaign off the ground, we need an army of videographers. People who are keen to help kick start this Mexican wave of love and support for LGBTI Australians. 

 Your Job As Our Videographer

Shoot your own message or, better yet, as many different types of Australians sharing their view on marriage equality as possible. Your videos need to sound sharp, look bright and represent the voice of the average Australian.

Farmers, teachers, mechanics, Grandma’s, office executives, butchers, sporting coaches.

You don’t need to be an industry professional. You just need:

  • a passion for Marriage Equality.
  • an interest in asking questions.
  • a good eye behind the lens (your phone camera will do). 
  • the drive to help us collect the hearts and minds of average Australian folk on camera.

Camera Equipment

The video’s can be shot on your phone. A more professional camera would be nice too, of course, but not necessary. Keep in mind depending on your shooting and interviewing experience, a simple phone camera might be less intimidating for the talent.

Setup Your Shot

Good Sound

Recording good sound is so important. The sound MUST be clear. If we can’t easily listen to the person speaking, we simply won’t listen. There is no point in recording someone’s personal message if the audio isn’t fabulously clear! Avoid wind. Wind blowing into the microphone on your will drown out the voice. If you are using your phone hold it as close to the person speaking as possible without invading their personal space or completely ruining the shot. Best option is to using a separate microphone. (Ivan, I’d need to research what option work easily with phones here and get back to you.)

Good Light

The next most important thing when communicating a message is being able to see the person face. If you can hear a clear voice and you’re captivated by the message, we need to see their face. Lighting is EVERYTHING. And I don’t mean a professional lighting setup. Sun light is wonderful. Move outside (so long as the sounds around you aren’t too loud or distracting). If you’re inside, sit close to a window and let the natural light brighten someones face. Make sure all the lights are switched on. Use as many quirky lamps as possible to spill more light onto someone’s face or light up the background of a shot.

Setup Your Talent 

There are few different options here…

1. Talk directly to camera

You can have someone speak directly to camera. Eyes down the lens. Talking straight to the viewer. This type of person is usually a confident speaker with a clear and passionate message. This person may be able to communicate their message without too much prompting. This is a powerful of conveying messages, but not for everyone.

2. Look past the camera

If someone needs a bit more support you could have them look at your face next to the lens instead of directly down the lens of the camera. You then ask questions to help them communicate their message. See suggested questions below.

3. A group conversation

You could get a group of mates together. Prompt conversation by asking different participants questions. This could be a bunch of tradies at smoko, teachers in the staff room at lunch, a family chatting over breakfast, a bunch of mates simply hanging out in the lounge room, back verandah, local cafe or pub. Prompt the conversation with questions and let the chat take it’s course. When things quiet down. Throw another question into the mix.

4. Create action

Have the talent busy doing something while you film them. Hanging clothes on the line. Driving a car or work van. Cuddling a chicken. Paying with a (quiet) baby. Making sausages in the back of the butcher shop. Changing the oil in the car. Feeding a lamb. Sorting out tools in the back of the van. They can be covered in grease in the workshop, dirty from a day in the paddock. You get the picture.

However you choose to shoot the talent, the key is making people feel comfortable and giving them the space and time to deliver a clear heart felt message in that moment! And try to have fun doing it.



When you have your talent set up in a quiet, nicely lit, comfortable environment, it’s time to get your talent talking. Hopefully you’ve briefed them about this video. You can spark their message with a question.

  1. Explain why you support equality
  2. If you're an ally talk about an LGBTI friend or family member that you want marriage equality for
  3. Explain what sort of Australia you want to make through marriage equality
  4. Describe your frustration with the government who should be able to achieve this reform by a simple vote in parliament
  5. If you had the opportunity to send a message to the MPs who could stop the insanity & achieve this reform without further delay, hate & division, what would you say?


Editing for our grassroots looking material is okay to be limited. Honestly even non-existent if your vid is succinct & impactful.

If you want to you can go to town, but the most important thing is we get material out there, showing others how easy it could be.

If you want to submit more quality edited versions, feel free - just remember the long it takes to produce the less time it is out making a difference - so don't let it prevent you from publishing material.

Wild Card Entries

We don't want to limit your creative genius.

If you have a special way of communicating our campaign message make it so! Consider this an invitation for your creativity to flow freely - your message could become central to our campaign in coming weeks in ways we couldn't have even imagined!

Now, get filming!


Ivan Hinton-Teoh
National Campaigner, just.equal